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Very talented actor. Born April 9, 1987. He plays Keith in the movie "Keith". Voice of Theodore in Alvin and The Chipmunks(movies). He is also a singer. Just to name a few, his songs include "Beautiful Soul", "She's No You", "Because You Live", "Just so you know" "Leavin'", "How do you Sleep".

No relation to Beatle Paul McCartney.
Jesse McCartney
by Baby_Blues May 18, 2009
Very hott singer, actor and singer. He is a gift from heaven and his new single Leavin' is the best song ever. Who doesnt like obviously has no or bad taste in music!!! I wish he was my bf!
OMG I luv Jesse McCartney and his new single Leavin'. *drooling and staring at his pictures*
by Orchestra dork or Band geek? April 27, 2008
#1 super talented

#2 ex-member of the boy band dream street

#3 mostly liked because of his looks, which is f`king wrong, because *points to #1* . he is more than that .

#4 sweet, blonde kid from new york

#5 bradin from summerland

#6 shure .. he`s sexy .
jesse mccartney is a kid i wouldn`t mind f`king .
by y0ur sweet time ;] February 04, 2005
noun- an actor, singer, and super hot 17 year old. He acts on the new show Summerland and used to be on All My Children. He is a wonderful singer and looks awesome. He is good looking and everyone wants a piece of him!
-Hey Katie, did you watch that new episode of Summerland?
-No, was Jesse McCartney in it?
-Heck yea, Jesse is so sexy, he makes the whole show!
by Jessie T June 24, 2004
a super sexy and talented singer and actor who makes me hot! jezuz all the stuff i would do 2 him...
jesse mccartney your a sexy beast and you know it what are you doing 2 night.
by my heart melts December 04, 2007
extremely sexy, talented actor/singer who sings beautiful songs that would make any hopelessly romantic girl melt.
The lyrics to "Beautiful Soul" and "She's No You" are so cute!
by MLG March 25, 2005
A nine-year-old girl without the breasts or hair.
"Hey look, it's Jesse McCartney!"
"No, that's my little sister."
by LAM February 27, 2005