A Jessbian is someone who is not interested in any other person, or sexual preference ..They only like Jessica Origliasso from The Veronicas.
I am a Jessbian ;) ahaha
Wow, Jess is so awesome, I think I'm a Jessbian!
by @maddiestack August 24, 2009
Top Definition
Girls who totally in love with Jessica Origliasso (from The Veronicas). Instead of lesbian, we say Jessbian.
A Girl: "OMG i'm a hardcore Jessbian. Jess is SO hot!"
by A Jessbian (: July 16, 2009
A word made up by fans (or non fans) of Jessica Origliasso, the 'lesbian'/bisexual singer and twin sister of Lisa Origliasso.

Jess is one half of The Veronicas (the blonde one with more tattoos)
Jess was said to have been in a relationship with MTV's Ruby Rose.
taken from Jessica's twitter - "Can I just say that "Jessbian" is the BEST coolest word ever invented. I think it should be added to the Dictionary of the world... :)'
- @Jessicaveronica
by PrettyReckless August 24, 2009
something you call a girl who's name is jessica and who is also a lesbian; a nickname
"Hey Jessbian, how was your date with that hot girl last

by bonedaddy2026 February 02, 2010
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