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A Jessamy is a person who is generous, talented and kindly. The name itself means "wealthy", and this is true, as a Jessamy will always be rich in spirit and personality. Also used by some kids to mean "awesome".
Very few people have this name; those who do tend to be highly creative, amuzing Yet extraordinarly fucktarded. which isn't a bad thing, they rock.

The name can be shortened to Jess, The term should not be confused with the Spanish Jess (pronounced hess) which means a woman with low moral standards.
Hey, don't you just love that girl?
Yeah, she's so Jess.

That girl is so creative, a right Jessamy.
by David Seraphin June 16, 2008
A chick who is going to rock out in life. A podium athlete, or a singer in a chick band....major headache for any parent. Best person to sit next to at detention. Cute as a button, devious, whipsmart. Someone who doesn't give a rat's ass what anyone thinks about them and has fun regardless.
She's a little bit out there, "a jessamy". Trouble "jessamy"
by bermtastic February 20, 2010
the definition of the word cool
Jessamy is the definition of cool!
by jezzamii May 31, 2008
Jessamy is a Greek word meaning Jasmine, the flower.
"That Jessamy flower is the prettiest in the garden!"
by theGreeek April 20, 2013
A name conjugation between Jeremy (male) and Jessica (female) often used to represent Tom boy's or Feminine men.
"Is that a Dude, or a chick?"
"Neither man, that's a Jessamy"
by GrandMastaTaco July 10, 2008
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