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jesi dickhead is basically meaning a combination of the croatian word jesi which means "your",and dickhead which means "stupid person","twat","person that thinks with his dick"
you can also say "jesi dickhead" 2 times in a sentence about a person,the person in reference is given the title of "double dickhead" rofl.
1.SVEN-man i love nothing more than playboy and booze and fast cars,.
BJORN-i love classical music,finger painting and eating haggis.
SVEN-jesi dickhead bjorn.
2.GUNTER-how bout MIA,she had some nerve to show up and bag my collection of leopard skin underpants,nobody insults GUNTER!
SVEN-jesi dickhead GUNTER,your messed!
by rock n roller69 April 11, 2009
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