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"some nerve" is used to describe people that have a lot of balls, guts, or nuts to ask or do something. It usually is used in a negative light.
For example: A homeless house guest that has been given a lot of gifts, a truck, a house of their own, and a job has "some nerve" to ask for more.

Homeless House guest: Thanks for the truck, house, job, and new clothes.

Hostess: Your welcome, I'm glad I could assist.

Homeless House guest: Before I move out into that new house with the new car you gave me, what happened to the birthday gifts you were going to give me?

Hostess: You have some nerve asking for more things when it's clear I have given you a lot.
#some nerve #fucking nerve #guts #balls #unappreciative #ballsy #nerv
by uptowncharter December 24, 2012
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