toxic waste dump. see "shit hole"
Jersey can make you sick. litterally.
by BowTieGirl June 14, 2003
It sucks living here.
"Haha! You live in Jersey!"
by Razukin December 01, 2002
this word refers to the state, New Jersey, therefore making the meaning say 'uncoool' much like the state that smells so bad
why are u hanging out with that kid, he's so jersey!
by jen October 01, 2004
Newark aint the most dangerous city so wat the fuck is u talkin' bout.New Jersey is a shithole and waste of space wit the the most ugly people.New Jersey can't even take on rhode island.
Newwark is the gayest and weakest city in the world it is just a piece of dog dhit.
by none ya March 09, 2005
Someone's name and phone number often used in flirtatious situations.
I was really feeling that girl from last night so you know I had to get her Jersey

I know we just met but I'm really enjoying your company. You should give me your Jersey, I'll call you tomorrow, and maybe we could go out sometime?
by Dzmusic September 08, 2014

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