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Usually a somewhat tall, stout guy with thinning hair or bald. That loves butterscotch and sunflower seeds. An amazing friend with a great sense of humor. Has a huge heart. Loves to be hugged.

Has a laugh like no other. Takes things too serious sometimes. Normally the life of the party. Also has a craving for fromundercheese and Sardines.
I'm going Jerrylee on yo ass!
by Californiapost September 12, 2014
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Usually a short not so tall male. The jerrylee has his own ambitions and is always willing to go the extra mile. The jerrylee is a great friend to have. He can be very loving, But a complete savage when messed with. The jerrylee Has a great sense of style.
See "Jerrylee", Be thy "Jerrylee".

Jerrylee is the MAN Bruhhh!!!
by Rav3nCr0ss January 27, 2017
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