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To attract the attention, or "gain aggro" from a computer game generated enemy(s), by simply walking to close, or "body pulling" before the rest of thier team mates are ready.
"ZOMFG you just pulled a Jerl on the core hounds!"

"I swear if any one of you Jerl here before the ready check its a 50 DKP Minus"

by Shamlock September 25, 2006
The worst word you could ever call someone.
Tyler: "Becky, you're such a jerl!"
Becky: ;(
by rgjihdtlghj November 23, 2010
A know it all with a very large butt.
He thinks he knows everything, what a Jerl!
by nancy1 May 16, 2008
Someone who wants to say something jerky but always says the wrong thing.
Kim tried to call me a jerk but she said jerl instead. She is such a jerl.
by PatBloom February 27, 2008
to inadvertently approach a hostile entity, causing it to attack.
Max jerled a grizzly bear when he came out of the tent last night.
by Rommella September 24, 2006
the most amazing of amazing people. Jerl is a male who is the best at everything he does, and takes names later. he can't and wont be beat.
whats a synonym for jerl, oh yea its awesome
by sleeves18 February 03, 2010
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