Any hand lotion that resembles cum.
Dude, is that jerkins on your leg, or did you jizz all over yourself?
by J-Fresh January 20, 2005
2009 West Coast fad dance. The root step is a backward samba basic step done at half speed - with miami dade jook styling. While Jerkin has many original moves, its foot work could be compared to a very basic version of NYC Get Lite (Lite Feet) mixed with Miami Dade style Jukin, wiggin, boppin & stickin. As the dance is evolving, new capoeira/ breaking ground moves are being added to the dance vocabulary.

NYC Get Lite dancers (Brooklyn hipsters) have responded with a new style called "gettin nerdy."

Other Jerkin definitions compare Jerkin to Jukin, but should be aware there are three main styles of Jukin: CHicago footworkin juke, Memphis gangsta walkin Juke, and Miami Dade Juke.
"getin lite dnt got shit on jerkin ! "
by PRINCE CHARMING1 August 03, 2009
A style of dance that emerged in South Los Angeles as early as 2006, it has roots in krumping as well as other styles of urban street dance. In the early years it was often performed to hyphy music, a subgenre of crunk that originated in the Bay Area of Northern California. Participants usually improvise from a number of moves, such as the reject or the stanky leg.

The music and fashion associated with the dance can largely be attributed to the scene's earliest crew, Rej3ctz. The skinny jeans and bright, fitted shirts that they adopted have since become part of some mainstream hip-hop fashion trends.

Most jerk crews are in Los Angeles and other parts of California, and their names often reference pop culture. They battle it out on the streets and achieve notoriety through videos posted on Youtube.

This style of dance has also spread to other cities thanks largely to the commercial success of the New Boyz, the first jerk crew to emerge from what had largely been an underground LA-based scene.
Let's do a jerkin video and post it on Youtube!
by vegwrap January 18, 2010
A fad where black kids where scene clothes, only with added accesories, such as fake, nerdy glasses, and dance like they're having a seizure.
Scene Kid: You made fun of me last year for wearing skinny jeans, and yours are skin tight and neon pink.

"Jerk": Datz cuz i'm jerkin dugg.

White Kid: Someone call 911! That guy's having a seizure!

Black Kid: Naww dawg. Dat dudez jerkin!
by someone fed up with jerks February 18, 2010
A faggot ass dance for dudes who like to talk shit and wear tight jeans.
You see that busta jerkin.
by Dark Realist July 29, 2009
The latest form of dancing to R&B where the dancer does a move similar to the Running Man, only backwards; putting the heels back and sliding them forward alternately. Usually done on the beat and tempo to the song "You're A Jerk" by New Boyz. Considered a bit of a hard feat for some, but can be accomplished with practice. Not recommended for shoes with a grip that is too good.
Dude, Mike was jerkin' at the party last night and got a bunch of chicks!
by iRockSkinnies July 27, 2009
A dance for people who dress Fresh.

Most Popular Moves: Dippin & The Reject

Most popular Jerkin Song: "You're a Jerk" by "New Boyz"
"He gettin' it!"
"You're a Jerk....I Know!"
"Ima bout to get off"
"Can you jerk?"
"He Jerkin"
by FreshAssNigguh May 04, 2009

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