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Name of a Dwarf Hunter on the US World of Warcraft server Gorgonnash. Named for Heavy Metal enthusiasts love of Fantasy, overall rudeness, and not in any way a reference to forcing men to deficate in his presence.
Jerkhammer casts Tranquilzing Shot on Chromaggus.
by Oscillator September 29, 2006
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An asshole who keeps pounding you with useless bullshit. The type of person that is a pest. Societies ingrown toe nail. The idiot you meet at work, on the bus, in line at the supermarket who decides that you need to know everything about them even when you have no desire to.
"That jerk hammer would not shut the fuck up! I didn't even know him and that jerk hammer kept yapping about his sick mother and his noisy neighbors."
by Billy LaPierre December 21, 2006
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A prick who forces guys to take a shit in the same bathroom.
"Hey, come in here and do your business. I don't mind! NOW!"
by Mark December 10, 2004
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