A cutsie dumb silly way of calling someone a smart ass.
me: is your car out there
Dan: no my car isn't out there, the snow truck plowed it.
Me: quit being a jerk face.
by fancy cat December 09, 2008
A person who bullies their young siblings, and does not respect, love, care for, or appreciate them for what they are. Even if they are smarter, better, faster, or stronger.
Mark: My friend's older brother always bullies him, just because he is just overall more awesome.
Sarah: I know, right? He's such a Jerkface
by Everyothernameistakenokay? August 10, 2013
The face often found on a male when alone and jerking it, slapping the ham, choking the chicken, etc.
Erik: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit that feels good.

Ryan: (walks in) DAMMIT! I definitely did not want to see your jerk face.
by FatboyIzzaTool September 23, 2010
A Person Who Is Annoying And Mean. Usually Used As A Comeback, Especially To 'Butt'. A.K.A. Somchy
"Youre such a butt"
by Macie131313 March 09, 2012
A douche bag, drives hummer, listens to chumbawamba
God what a jerkface
by douchemonger June 25, 2009
Noun: describing a person who annoys me by asking for time off work when they should come to work.
Kitten is a jerkface and doesn't want to come to work.
by ddw112 January 20, 2012
Idiot creepo
What's up jerkface? You stupid jerk.
by Milosivich January 18, 2009

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