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4 definitions by JarMan

A contest where people see how much poop they can devour in a time period of 32 minutes and 16 seconds.
Sean Ramon won the poop eating contest. That guy ate 30409 pounds of poop in that poop eating contest. He really loves his poop.
by JarMan September 21, 2003
73 35
A guy who loves to dance around in poop until he is covered in it. Can be considered an insult.
Sean Ramon is a major poop monster. Don't you hate how poop monsters are such poop monster? If I was a poop monster I'd pick on myself all the time for being a poop monster.
by JarMan September 21, 2003
34 36
Something your batshit insane grandmother calls you.
"Bye love bucket!" - The senile old hag.
by JarMan September 21, 2003
29 39
A face on somebody's head that is a jerk.
That guy is cool, but his face is a jerk, thus, he is a jerk face. That fucking jerk face. If his jerk faceness was measured on a scale of one to ten, it would be 300009458048053 because he is such a fucking jerk faced bastard bitch slut. Poop in my pants for me, will you?
by JarMan September 21, 2003
12 60