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A cool ass person who's coolness is only beaten by their ballin ass personality. Sometimes referred to as cocky but likes to think of himself as confident. Can be a dick when angered. Musically inclined and very cute.
Hey did you see jeramie punch that dude in the locker room?

Hey dude jeramie is so good at snare drum
I cant believe jeramie and danielle still go out
by A girlwholikes to have fun February 26, 2009
A complete fagot asshole from the west coast. They are known to be such assholes that they have no friends, and are usually kind of hippie. No one really likes them because they are such douche bag.
"Dude theres this one Jeramie at my school, hes such a dam asshole."
by Steve broflovski January 11, 2008

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