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A large steaming pile of poop
"man, i just took a huge jensen"
by jackolantern44333 December 11, 2012
The most beautiful girl you will lay your eyes on. Jensens tend to be artistically adept and extremely smart. They also tend to have a striking sense of humour and charisma. If you meet a Jensen, consider yourself one of the lucky few.
"Wow, who is that amazing girl?"
"That's Jensen, gotta love her."
by Juskyle Limbard July 23, 2013
A small adorable amazing awesome female, amazingly beautiful, super cute, and so very brilliant. can sing like a finely tuned harp and who has a smile that blinds you when you walk by. Loves to garden and very helpful
She is Jensen. <3
by 12342182011 May 24, 2011
Usually a girl. When people hear the name they think its a man. A big hoe. FAKE. Usually gets hot boyfriends but she ruins it cause she cheats. Obsessed with either dance, volleyball, or cheerleading. Treats everyone like shit. Says mean things, but in a nice voice. Gives girls shes jealous of dirty looks constantly. Talks to two or more guys at once. She trys to be one of the guys but she fails at it. FLAT CHESTED, but a big booty. which is not likely to be real. A lot of makeup, hair extenstions but she dosnt know how to blend + put them in right, constantly died. Trys to ride dirtbikes and play man sports around guys. Her friends are bitches also. She goes after older guys. Usually peoples ex's and shes happy doing it. Has a walk like shes perfect, but shes not even close. ALSO huge bags under her eyes, they are usually chink looking eyes. When shes really just a white girl. Most people wish she would just jump off a cliff.
Girl 1: Whos that girl with your ex?
Girl 2: Thats Jensen. Or she sure acts like she is.
by gotitright October 19, 2011
extremely large negro, opposite of bensen
omg look at that jensen i bet he's got a gun
by tek5 February 25, 2010
The taint of a female.
My mother has a tender Jensen.
by Tainthammer January 11, 2010
(an act named after the person who first performed this)

Jensen - (Jen'sin) The act of fingering yourself for a long period of time until your finger (or any other body part placed inside the female happy spot) looks like a raisin/prune.
(As in being in the bathtub too long)

"Tonight im gonna DJ it for so long i'm gonna Jense my whole hand"

"Man i was hitting it for so long my balls were all Jensed"

*phone sex convo* "Im Jensen right now sexy"
by Joseph Siler February 19, 2008