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A total fucking joke, because even though she did live in the Bronx, Miss Lopez actually went to private school and got private dance lessons every day. My heart bleeds...
Jennifer Lopez: I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block!

Ben Affleck: Shut up bitch
by sweetness-and-light June 20, 2007
A term referring to someone who fronts like he/she is down with the hood but has in reality led a privileged upper- or upper-middle class existence for most of his/her life. Comes from the ridiculous song of the same name by J-Lo, who is a known prima donna and knows next to nothing about life in the ghetto.
Dave (after making shot and getting fouled): "And one."
Kevin: "What?!? Like hell I fouled you on that!"
Dave: "Who cares, man? I schooled your ass anyway. Count it."
Kevin: "Whoa. You better check yo self, dogg. You can't be calling that shit in street ball games. Somebody would bust a cap in your ass. You're lucky I didn't pack heat today."
Dave: "Ha, like you know anything about street ball."
Kevin: "I've been around, man. I used to play in a game where like half of the people were black."
Dave: "Wow. Did you really just say that?"
Bill: "Yeah, I bet you got into some really rough games growing up in that $5 million mansion in Atherton."
Kevin: "Whatever. I also played ball with our landscapers all the time as a kid and they were straight from the barrio, muchachos."
Dave: "Dude..."
Bill: "Give it a rest, Kevin. Nobody buys your bullshit. We all know you're a total jenny from the block."
by Nicholas D January 13, 2012
Poor girl who becomes very rich and famouse overnight. If you have zero talent, then a great ass is all you need. Derived from Jennifer Lopez who has the best ass in pop.
Jennifer Lopez had a little, now she has a lot.
by <insert> October 02, 2004
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