A mixed drink made of Mountain Dew and Tequila, preferably Cuervo. Should Mountain Dew not be available, mix with Pineapple juice for a "Jenni 2"
I got so tanked last night at Brick. I had, like, 5 Jennis
by JenniLover September 19, 2008
Top Definition
The most awesomest person you'll ever meet in your entire life! Jenni's are awesomely awesome! There's not enough words to describe them they are just WOWWW so awesome!
Woooowww... Jenni is soooo awesome!
by ChairBro January 11, 2010
She's a person who knows who she is and enjoys being herself. Often misunderstood as being flirty or flighty. Really they just enjoy being around all kinds of people. Most Jenni's are kind hearted and loving. They tend to be people pleasers which can get then onto situations they never intended to be in. You will know where you stand with them. Even if they try to hide how the feel about you, thier emotions are all over their faces.
"Man, Jenni lookes pissed at me. She probably is."

"I'm glad I have a Jenni as a friend! She's always here for me!"
by Brown-eyed Girl November 26, 2012
This is a super hot, absolutely stunning and genuine girl. Shes kind, pretty, clever caring and is an all round nice person! She has an obsession of cute things and her personality can be taken as flirty. She is amazing,beautiful and should be valued.
eg. Guy1: Wow, that girls beautiful!

Guy2: Must be called Jenni!
by WillyWonka007 June 18, 2011
A cute girl. Many have freckles that would make a guy melt. She is very active and has a great body.
That girl is such a Jenni I'm so jealous of her
by Taken by him June 18, 2016
Quiet, intelligent, attractive, desireable. A man of God, a strong leader. Faithful, devoted, a trusted provider. A loyal and sensual spouse or lover, a fair and moral father, an honest and true friend.
"She married a Jennis, what a lucky girl!"
by KaptainKarebare February 13, 2010
This is the by far most amazing girl ever! She is so beautiful when i see her my heart drops :D i love when we make belly babies, and everything about her.. without her i would be miserable and i will always be there for her! I love this girl if you mess with her i will f*** you up :D
Jenni is the most amazing girl ever :D
by ThatOneKidStevie July 11, 2010
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