the most perfect girl in the world :) and also my gf :)
jenna is the most perfect gf anyone could ever have :)
by sexysean February 01, 2009
-A very good Broadway actress
-A super good friend
-Epic wake board wipe outs
-Great body
-super nice bootie;)
-never says anything bad
-flirts a lot
-fun to talk to
-Many guys want her
wow shes a Jenna
by drumma25 July 18, 2009
Jenna is an English name coming from (not an abbreviation of) Jennifer or Genevieve. The name means "white", referring to being pure, fair, and beautiful. Jenna is also an Arabic name meaning "heaven". Jenna is the 68th most popular name in the U.S.A.
That girl must be a Jenna. She is always so fair, and she is so pretty.
by AllyLuvs November 20, 2010
Sweet, Absolutely GORGEOUS, and couldn't live without her friends<3 she's a girl that's very dramatic at times but you just gotta love her. She will cheer up any of your days with her craZy and loving personality. She's so much fun to be with and when your with her you'll never be upset! She's boy crazy and has a heart of gold. Everyone has to love this girl :)
You'll never find a better friend that Jenna.
by mbauer04 April 13, 2012
A carapace, a bellwether amongst friends, a deus ex machina,a cerebral being with super retentive memory and a bastion of hard work. Has a liking for green.
A:Hey Jenna, i've been bullied by some dickweed.
Jenna: let's go bash him up with this baseball bat!
by ralphralph99 July 27, 2011
someone I cannot live without(: the nicest, most friendly person you will ever meet! <3
Jenna Namkrow is the best(:
by soverylonelyMLIA May 14, 2010
Jenna can mean many different things....
She can be heartbroken and has troubles with who she likes. But she is totally AWESOME!
Jenna: Why won't he talk to me?
Bob: Maybe you should make the first move...
Jenna: Nah, I am totally awesome!
by Anonomysbgfndkxy guWV June 04, 2011

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