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An incredible, fun-loving person who has a very strong personality. Jenika is very beautiful, although she is unwilling to admit it. Her laugh brightens the darkest corners and everyone who meets her wants to be her friend. She is exciting to be around and can make even the most boring situations fun.
Wow, that girl is really a Jenika.

Definitely, she is so much fun!
by casscadde November 02, 2010

Jenika is one of the most sweetest nicest people you have ever met. She cares so much about others and puts others first instead of herself. She is beautiful and smart and is the loud and outgoing one! She is amazing and I couldnt imagine my life without her!

Love ya !! x
Person 1: Who is that?
Me: Thats ma Jenika
Person 1: I want to be her friend.
Me: Yeah everyone does!
by Thisisnotmyrealname11 November 07, 2011
The most sweetest and prettiest girl you will ever meet! She is so cute and beautiful that she attracts everyone's attention. Her giggle is so attractive and so is her ass. She is completely perfect from head to toe.
Person one: WHOA! Who was that just now?!?

Person two: DUDE!! You didn't know?? There's a new girl and she's a TOTAL Jenika!
by Marshmello September 05, 2012
Some bitch.
That gurl was actin a damn jenika
by Jive locomotive turkey July 28, 2011

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