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In other words it means genius, however, this is a new breed of genius. It is defined as someone who is part retarded and parted genius,"Like rain man". To be a jengus you must show strong qualities of excelled genius, at the same time showing qualities of intellectual ihabition.
"Your son displays very jengus qualities"

"like a jengus, granpa displays patterns of alzheimer's"

"Roger Christian's direction in Battle Feild Earth displayed very jengus qualities"
by dig biddy April 16, 2009
A water Spirit/God who is followed by some african cultures. belived to be reborn as a child with no name to become the savor of floods.
the namless son shall be called Jengu
by BlueKnight October 22, 2006
A slang word for anything to do with marijuana, can be used to refer to joints, bongs, pipes and actual marijuana.
Who's got the Jengus?
by lausxy March 14, 2011