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noun: 1. A modest person who is extremely potent, badass and awesome.

2. A dutch mythical creature that commonly lurks in the red light district of Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is a bipedal, balding humanoid that enjoys challenging prostitutes and others in a game of soccer. First discovered in 1984, this nocturnal beast is still undefeated and considered to be the greatest soccer player in the universe.

verb: The act of removing the pants of an opponent and viciously ramming a knee into the anal cavity, resulting in a howl similar to the mythical creature of the same name.
Arjen Robben plays soccer like a Jengamoose. He's the man.

Eric can fuck like a Jengamoose.

I'm hemorrhaging because Mark jengamoosed me.
by J3n96m005e July 11, 2010

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