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Jeng a is a name commonly used in the Asian Ethnicity. Majority for Phillipinos, Miaos, or Hmongs. Originated from the name "Quing" or "Quiang" from the Chinese. Name Referrs to beauty, honesty, loyalty, friendly. Usually an active and loud person. Can be shy at times. Name is for both Male and Female.
Jeng is so awesome!
by AsianNames August 21, 2010
A thing, place or situation. Sometimes substituted for the slang equivalent of "joint". Primarily localized to Laurel, MD.
He broke out that jeng and and we was like "SHIT! RUN!"

I'm a be all up in that jeng when I get off work.

Yo, gimme pepperoni and pineapple on that jeng.
by Ricky's Bangin Pizza Joint September 23, 2010