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a super cool chick. She is the epitome of Bamf and is very unique. She is a good friend and lover. Not to mention extremely good looking and witty.
"That girl is so great. She's just like a Jenell!"
by jenelllover February 05, 2010
An amazingly sweet, beautiful, loving girl. She can show love to you and love you forever if you treat her right. She is strong willed, strong minded and intelligent. She has the sweetest most amazing voice you will ever hear, you may even think its an angel talking to you. When you put her looks, personality, and voice together you would think that you're in heaven because she is an angel on earth.

Usually paired with Justin's
Friend 1: He is a lucky guy
Friend 2: Yea he is he found a perfect girl
Friend 1: Perfect girl?
Friend 2: A Jenell, I wish i could find one
Friend 1: Me too
by JT,JW August 17, 2011
A sexual encounter that usually occurs when you least expect it...but is always a joyful and nice surprise.
It caught me off guard when that chick Jenell'ed me...but then I was like "Whoa...wait...WTF...AWESOME!!!"
by freaksrock62 February 05, 2010
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