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Easy to talk to, approachable. She is most likely everyone's friend or best friend you could EVER have. People are thankful for having her in their life. She stresses about grades and ESPECIALLY boys, and can sometimes be a handful, but and the end of the day, it's worth it. She can be an overachiever at times, but most likely she doesn't care. She is very outgoing, but can be shy at times. You can call on her whenever you need help, but if there's bad tention, just leave.. She can sometimes have an attitude. Other than that, she has a loving, caring, generous, and friendly personality. Anyone would be lucky to have her.
Friend 1: "Oh hey, there's a new kid in school."
Friend 2: "oh my god, she looks like a freak."
A Jeneca: "hey, don't say that, what if you were in their shoes?"
by erica;lux January 28, 2012
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