pulling a jenai is telling a story little by little over an extended period of time
She went out with dude five months ago. But she pulled a Jenai and is just telling me today.
by tmoney822 October 08, 2008
Top Definition
Jenai is the kind of girl everyone kinda likes. She's smart and she's got a great booty and great hair. If you ever need someone to listen to your problems, Jenai is your girl. She loves to argue with her men, but only cuz she finds it sexy. Don't mess with her though, she's tiny but she can take you down.
I need some kind of Jenai in my life
by playergreez36 September 15, 2011
A small girl with a big mouth, big heart, and big dreams.
Look at that girl Jenai...she may be small, but she does some big things! :)
by Crazysexycool23 August 01, 2011
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