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Jenae means Angel or messenger.. she's got all the right words and the mouth to tell you what it is.. she's outgoing and spunky while at the same time a little bit shy about showing her real self. She belongs in a heavenly place but since she has to take the messages elsewhere is often subject to where she would rather not be. Places like the Ghetto.. or at work with a bunch of back stabbing demons from hell. But she will fly high one day and be above it all.
Jenae Tell's it like it is while roaming the ghetto
by the messengers girl February 03, 2010
Jenae is a variation of the male Biblical name Janai, meaning "God has answered". Associate this name with the concept of when a community has consistently done terrible things and as a result God whirls up a horrible natural disaster...The townspeople think, "God has answered". God uses a Jenae as punishment for White Colar biblical crimes.
(jackass): I met a girl named Jenae at my office today.

(good person): God has finally answered.
by barfFart April 14, 2010
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