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1. To float like a jelly fish in the water, only in the air like a bird.

2. Really high.
1. Hell yeah I wanna float like a jelly bird.

2. Man i'm so f%*#ed up, I feel like a jelly bird.
by Slow Dragon February 17, 2004
any female who is acting crazy-drunk; (ohhehaheiaejsjddj) while waving arms and moving head without control
Annemarie and Daniella are a pair of jelly birds.
by jellybirdexpert September 15, 2009
A large fat birded typed pokemon.
or your best friends fat little brother.

Brett you are such a jelly bird.
by Brandonheat January 14, 2008
a homosexual who enjoys sucking jelly off his partners penis while flapping his arms like a bird
Dan Brock is such a jallybird, last night I caught him flapping his arms and sucking the jelly right off of Peair.
by BulletProofJesus January 20, 2004
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