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When one female in a crowd tells a really shitty joke that bombs.
Brunette Female: "So there are three women sitting at a bar
The brunette says "My pussy is so big, I can fit a cucumber in it, the red head says "Well my pussy is so big, I can fit a pickle jar in it, the blonde says "my pussy is so big...and she slides down the bar stool"

Crowd: "...."

Another brunette to another red head " I think I'm gonna make my gynecologist appointment for this week, so I'm not such a Jello Cunt"
by StarfishBrownies July 27, 2010
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Derogatory word used towards in most cases a woman. Often used to end a relationship or marriage. Usually the best word to say that will end a verbal fight and would make the user 'the man'.
Don't you ever call me a jerk you stupid jello cunt.
by Dreadlock Dave April 03, 2008

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