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A black african guy who speaks french and used to live with asians. he has massive penis and likes to craft runes on scape.
Hey did you hear about that black african french guy who lives in asia? na Jeki lives in africa with slow net now
A French faggot that is the biggest and dumbest access whore on SwiftIRC
(12:33:23) • Joins: Jeki (
(12:33:24) ø ChanMode: X sets mode: +b *!*
(12:33:24)  ø Info: This (*!* ban affects: (Jeki)
(12:33:24)  :::: Kicks: Jeki was kicked from #IRC by X : Hey, you joined for the lolz and I akicked you for the lolz. I'm sorry we do not allow access whores to enter, please try #i-want-access
by Tezzer123 July 25, 2011

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