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They love passionately and unconditionally. Choosy with friends because they will not tolerate mediocrity in relationships. Love their friends and relatives to the point of death. Trustworthy. Keep secrets well. People love them for their unique and endearing qualities. It's not hard to love a Jehiel.

They commonly gravitate towards musical endeavors, and they achieve excellence in them. They excel in other areas of the arts as well.

Jehiels often start out slow and small in life. Learn things the hard way, they get hurt. But later on in life, they become a treasure to the world because they have surpassed the trials and obstacles that mere mortals would have given up on. People learn much from relating and interacting with Jehiels. They possess wisdom that can turn your life around. Don't make the mistake of not heeding their counsel or ignore their almost mystical awareness and discernment. People get hurt not paying attention to what Jehiels say.

Fun-loving, quirky, humorous in a weird way, witty, easily makes friends and connects with people through humor. It is a mistake not to take them seriously because they take people and relationships seriously. They trust easily, but are wise beyond your imagination.
You are the Jehiel of this generation.
by rarediamond18 March 08, 2013
Various sources give meanings such as:
"God lives", "May God live!", "God's living one", and "carried away of God"

Rendered as יְחִיאֵל in Ancient Hebrew

Names of several people in the Old Testament:
1 Chronicles 15:18, 20; 16:5; 23:8; 27:32; 29:8
2 Chronicles 21:2; 31:13; 35:8
Ezra 8:9; 10:21, 26

Jehiel represents names of between eight and eleven different men. Some of them described below:

Founder of the city of Gibeon. An ancestor of Saul. Belonged to the tribe of Benjamin. His wife was Maachah.

One of the mighty warriors in David's army. A son of Hothan.

One of the priests appointed by David to conduct the musical service at the ark. Belonged to the tribe of Levi.

Variations: Jehieli, Yechi'el, Yehiel

Jehiel represents uniqueness, artistry, creativity, depth, beauty, passion, intensity, and confidence. Jehiels are born to be leaders. Quite stubborn, but there's good reason to be so, because they are always proven right in the end.

People don't always believe them. People have a habit of doubting a Jehiel because Jehiels take positions and hold beliefs that are not always popular with the majority. It doesn't always mean they are wrong. It just means that they see into things, people, and issues more deeply than most people.
I wish I could meet a Jehiel in my life.

I'm lucky to have found my Jehiel at last when I found my boyfriend.

Why don't you be a Jehiel and learn to relax?
by rarediamond18 March 08, 2013
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