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Jeggins are half jeans and half leggings. This doesn't mean literally half in half but the fabric is stretchy and soft like leggings.
Ell: "Hey Amy those jeans you're wearing look great"
Amy: "They're not jeans!"
Pete: "Ah they're leggings!"
Amy: "NOPE! They're JEGGINS!"
Ell + Pete: "Damn! They're amazing! I want some Jeggins"
by Beee3 August 09, 2009
The word used instead of jellin' to ask are you wearing jeggings
Are you jeggin?
Hell yes! I am so jeggin'
by P.B.M. February 25, 2011
internet slang for nigger.

it is n-i-g-g-e-r in reverse, except a "j" is used for the "r"
those stupid jeggins keep waking me up
by Sean John the second August 16, 2007
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