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A jegbeat is a complete loser. He or she is usually the type of person who hangs out all day at the local library. They usually play the banjo or guitar outside of the library and smoke weed. They talk about worthless shit all day... They hate the sun, and usually live in overcast inner cities like Boston or Halifax. They usually wear dark clothing with horrible little purple and yellow beanies. On average they take a shower once every 5 days, and are always dirty. They are usually malnourished, but do love to eat junk food. they hate their bodies and life, and would never train or workout. Infact, they are complete fuckheads. A jegbeat will also usually have alot of acne and dirt on their face and a lot of times they are semi- unconcious because of their chronic habits. The opposite of a jeg (short for jegbeat) is a fit.
Emily Harvey
Scott Macphee
Nigel Chapman

and too many others too mention
by Tommy Herd December 11, 2004
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