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You retards, Jeff Green is a NASCAR Nextel Cup series driver
Jeff Green races the #43 car
by Joe C August 26, 2004
1. Jeff Green is a NASCAR Nextel Cup series driver.

2. One who can be found in public bathrooms passed out on the floor with his pants around his ankles. Security guards often will poke him with a stick and call an ambulance.

3. One who can be found studying Second Year Engineering at a university in Halif0fax, rumoured to be in Canada, for at least four years and still not know what type of engineer he wants to be. If found in Fifth year please see "Chris Fedora".
1. Bob: "Who really cares about Jeff Green?"

2. Security: "Cancel that ambulance... This Jeff Green is awake now."

3. Random campus bar goer #1: "Isn't that Chris Fedora?"

Random campus bar goer #2: "Nope! He's still a Jeff Green."

Random campus bar goer #1: "Maybe I should give him my deoderant then..."
by Douches November 25, 2004

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