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The act of being drunk well beyond what is safe.
Last weekend I got so jeff'd I'm gonna have to take it easy next time.
by franktankerous December 09, 2010
A practical joke, that by it's nature is harmless.

Named after Jeff Bridges, and his fictional show on Saturday Night Live.
Such as placing a fake telegram at hotel lobby, only the victim gets flowers. Jeff Bridges immediately appears and explains the prank.
Dude, you just got Jeff'd.
by RCTWEDT December 29, 2010
When you are consistently hooking up with a girl and she still does not give you any oral love.
Can't believe DeLauney keeps getting jeffd. He has the worst luck.
by lazynessking November 25, 2014
wasting an obscene amount of time jewing anyone or anyplace out of any amount of money no matter how large or how small.
bro, I spent the last 5 hours at best buy jewing them out of 5 cents on a cd that was alreade 80% off for being open and scracthed to shit. they totally got JEFF'd
by knobber bobber February 10, 2011
(v.) Being taught the proper way to preform an action or being told the right information after confidently doing or saying something that was completly false. Usually ends in extreme ownage and embarrasment. This requires soneone who is always of such a high level of skill to call out the person in the wrong to the point where he or she has no chance of saving his reputation.
When he confidently gave a wrong answer in class, the boy was jeff'd when the other student showed him how wrong he was and embarrassed him in front of the entire class.
by venom3210 July 09, 2009
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