A wresting promoters not always liked by the fans and other promoters.
"You are such a Jeff Jarrett!"
by Nate-D-O-Double-G April 22, 2005
Top Definition
Current National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion. Recently formed the Kings of Wrestling with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Rumored to be a crackhead.
The Stroke is a "Meh" finisher.
by Kain November 17, 2004
hey michelle I read your fucktarded definition of mumia what a stupid foolish tool you are believing all that fabricated trash the pro-mumia sites put out, stop believing everything you read, dumbass.
Michelle believes everything she sees on the net, it's just gotta be true. What a rubberload of cumjuice michelle is.
by The Dodger January 29, 2005
one of the worlds wrost wrestler, Him and his old jack off in TNA suck. Can't wait till abyss comes to the WWE bitchs.
you fucking idots if you belive he is cool
by ~Michelle~ January 08, 2005
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