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4 definitions by ~Michelle~

A African American that shouldn't be in jail. He was framed by poopie, some guy and all the crooked cops
I do read thank you. i know more bout this case then any of you. A guy even admited in court he shot the officer not Mumia.
by ~Michelle~ January 28, 2005
516 174
What randy orton is. Yeah
Randy orton spit in the face of Harley race and killed Mick Foley. He must be a legend killer.
by ~Michelle~ January 03, 2005
32 20
To anyone that thinks the Tan nat or what ev the fuck it is thinks it's cool i;ll make a bet with all of you. I bet by the end of this year wwe will buy out Tna. Abyss already left and so are a couple of more people. Sorry to tell you bitchs but it sux
WCW, ECW are owned by WWE next on it's sight is TNA
by ~Michelle~ January 08, 2005
266 266
one of the worlds wrost wrestler, Him and his old jack off in TNA suck. Can't wait till abyss comes to the WWE bitchs.
you fucking idots if you belive he is cool
by ~Michelle~ January 08, 2005
20 69