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Full Size Jeep (FSJ):

The Jeep J-10 is a fullsize Jeep pickup truck that was produced from 1974-1988. Early models of the J-series truck were called Gladiators and were produced from 1963-1973. The J-10 was a 1/2 ton pickup truck that was every bit as capable (if not more so) than any of the big 3 pickup trucks of that era. Jeep offered the J-10 as a shortbed with a 7 foot box and 119" wheelbase, or a long bed with an 8 foot box and 131" wheelbase. Jeep also offered a 3/4 ton J-20 model that only came in long beds. Although commonly mistaken, there were in fact NO J-30s produced, ever. If you wanted a 1 ton pickup you special ordered a J-20 with heavy duty suspension. Gladiators had a number of different number designations, two of which were the J-300 and J-3000 series trucks. Perhaps partially destroyed Gladiator badges have led to the J-30 myth.

Commonly referred to as a Jeep "Honcho". Honcho was a trim package available for J-10s for several years, along with Pioneer, Golden Eagle, Laredo, Custom, and 10-4.

*NOT* in any way shape or form similar to a Commanche. Commanches are mid size pickup trucks and share thier body design with the mid size Cherokee. J-10s and Gladiators are full size trucks that share thier body with the Wagoneer (and Grand Wagoneer).
"Hey nice truck what is it?"

"Its a Jeep J-10"

"Wow Don't see too many of those anymore."
by J-10 Owner April 11, 2008
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