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On August 17th, 1936 the Anheuser-Busch brewing company created the first canned beer. It came in a golden can and abandoned the A-B logo with the A & Eagle logo, a red circle with black eagle claw lines. Recently Anheuser-Busch returned this legendary beer to the market with its packaging basically intact. It is crisp and rich and possesses one of the highest chugability factors known to man.
"This one time I downed a Golden Eagle in 3 seconds."
by Uriah April 26, 2005
When a girl participates in the eagle (see eagle, definition 3) while also being pissed on by one or more of the participating men.
"Yeah, we all got real drunk and gave Jenny the golden eagle last night.
by zdc26z January 26, 2010
The act of exposing nasty, yellowed pit stains when placing one hand on each doorjamb as you attempt lame conversation with a coworker.
Did you see Jim pulling the full golden eagle in my office? WTF! He is so hygienically challenged.
by XtraFlop October 04, 2007
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