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Super-cool and self-assured, "Jeanie"s actually enjoy that statistically speaking, they don't even fall in the top THOUSAND of popular baby names in the last half-century. Her name (ONE "n", ONE "i", thank you) is not the only thing that sets her apart. She can spot a poser from a mile away, and subsequently cut them down with her signature thousand-yard stare. Friendly and cultured, but word to the wise - do NOT cross her.
"Jeanie? As in, 'I Dream of...?' Can you grant me three wishes?"

"Ha ha, good one. First time I've heard that! TODAY."
by The Jean Jeanie February 02, 2010
A Mexicanese Goddess whose which beauty is undescribable with words and can only be explained with a wide-eyed open-mouthed drooling facial expression.
A Comatose in which the subject is rendered immobile due to the overwhelming beauty of this "Jeanie"
by William June 19, 2006
a girl who murders ponies and and horses daily every day she just kills and kills and makes horses suffer she hates them with all her evil little fat girl heart shes the worst kind of fat girl that exists shes totally huge with boobs that are nothing but fat and kills horses ponies donkys and zebras even a giraffe once shes bad news and totally fat
a big ass jeanie walking down the street slaughtering ponies
by ninjadoggy August 01, 2013
Someone who goes to a ski resort wearing jeans just to say they were up there ussualy hang in an arcade trying to hit on ski girls
That kids a Jeanie I bet he can't even snowboard
by Poolov Uriene January 26, 2009
a huggee jeanie that lives in a bottle
and only appears when rubbed by a nicalia ( the right way )
look at that sexy thing in the sky ... its a jeanie!! nicalia must have rubbed it the right way!!
by nicole933938 June 11, 2008
An anime black hole.
Me: "Hey do you have my Outlaw Star?"
Jeanie: "Yeah...(three weeks later)...Here you go."
by Ero-Ninja May 18, 2006
A girl who is either mega old, or named unfortunately after an old person. Gets called mean things, yet throws down when necessary.
Who's that one old lady that goes to bingo every wednesday?

Oh that's Jeanie.
by Cassie(: December 17, 2009
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