1 a sarcastic way of saying someone is over doing it. like they dressed way up. but your not offended if someone calls you out on it cause if your jazzy they juss hatin.

2 one piece of clothing or jewlery that throws off your outfit.

3 when you stand out more than you friends while just going to the park
1 yo you extra jazzy like, where you get that outfit from? (they juss wanna go cop it)

2 now you know you need ta take off that jazzy ass hair pin lmao.

3 damn girl, who you get all jazzed up for? im scared of you. OR one friend might say, "walk me home so i can get jazzed up.
by Jiggy'Ma May 17, 2007
Something that is cool or hip
Check out my new black leather jacket, its so jazzy
by deoxxys September 28, 2010
(adj) Defines the moments of confusion or miscommunication when communicating with friends online. Used to explain that a conversation is becoming confused or awkward as many communicate at once.
"This conversation is getting jazzy? What are you talking about? I'm confused!"
by Andwildue January 23, 2010
it is often used by teenage girls that have nothing better to do with their time. describing a good time, a fantastically fun, or awesome time.

when referring to a time - jazzfest, jazz, jazz life.
when referring to someone - jazzball.
julia - "leslie, we need to go look at some jazzy things. have a jazzfest. you jazzball"

by lesliexmassacre March 31, 2009
This is the point in your state of highness, Where you feel like your smooth, calm, cool, collected and... jazzy. (and can still funtion)
"I go to work feelin jazzy all the time."
by sfab August 06, 2008
to be very happy, to feel on top of the world
man i feel jazzy today.
by andy August 31, 2003
a style body languatge.
She has a jazzy walk.
by Sun Rhythms October 13, 2004
A joint aka "marajuana cigarrette".
Bob: Hey man...lets go spark up that big phat jazzy.
Joe: Yea man...smoke weed.....
by Jazzy Master Jeff July 14, 2006

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