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1. A Jazzy Josh:

Another term for cougar hunter - a male individual that is usually found roaming around in stuffy pubs and bars in pursuit of 40+ ladys. Contrary to popular belief the Jazzy Josh is not hunting seasoned females because younger prey was harder to catch - he simply prefers worn-out pussy.
Grandma needs lovin too

2. pulling a Jazzy Josh:
A term for the act of photoshopping the cigarette face of an infamous forum founder on random pictures
1. Man1: Why is Johnny all over this grandma? The hot 20 year old bikini babe right over there is feening for him.

Man2: He's a Jazzy Josh, ya know.

2. Girl1: Wtf? Someone photoshopped a cigarette face on my boyfriend's face on this photo we shot on valentine's day?!?!

Girl2: Haha someone pulled a Jazzy Josh on you!
by not_ya_wify June 19, 2009
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