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A phrase commonly used by elderly women and transvestites.

Oh ricky isn't that sweater just snazzy jazzy.

by Donnie Carmelo July 18, 2006
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AMAZING! It's when you think something is more than just cool, hot, good, etc.
Oh come on, I NEED that shirt. It was totally snazzy jazzy!
No Darrel, it wasn't THAT great. Jazzy snazzy at best
by Qill December 18, 2016
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Snazzy Jazzy is a phrase that describes something you really enjoy, something that catches your interest and enthralls you enough to ask questions.
That joke is very snazzy jazzy; where did you hear it?

I love that shirt you bought! Very snazzy jazzy!
by EEA March 16, 2006
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