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She is a very nice kind hearted women but you don't want to get on a Jazmane's bad side.She is very talkative and chooses her friends wisely.Without a Jazmane, this world wouldn't function.She is the missing piece to every puzzle or problem.Very beautiful women that any man would break their neck just to take a look at.No wonder why all these women are jealous.She may seem weak but don't let that fool you.A Jazmane doesn't need a man to satisfy her needs (I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T) .She has her ups and downs but can always finds a solution.She's what every man wants and how every girl wants to be.
Guy1-Man I just found me a Jazmane
Guy2-Dude your so lucky I wish I had me a Jazmane

Girl1-Ewww look at that Jazmane, who does she think she is?
Girl2-I wish I was Jazmane
by JustANiceGuy June 25, 2013
A Stanky pussy ass hoe who has a fupa aka a fat ass bitch who aint gone be shit in life, she suck dick for money, she got kids that she cant even raise. she is a slutty ass cunt who is the scum on the bottom of a fucking shoe and she a basic bitch.
Q: Who is that girl over there talking to them boys?
A: Aw That aint nothing but a jazmane.
by ImThatBitch May 25, 2013

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