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A word derived from Arabic, meaning emphasis or victory. Commonly given only to the best of men as first names.
1. I need to jazeer this point across in my essay.

2. At the end of the day, jazeer was ours, and no one could take that away from us.
by Tasha84_nz October 15, 2010
A word that means 'to win over'

Usual methods of victory include:
1. Flashing a smile
2. Mild flirtation and flattery
3. Use of the phrase "I got this," with a wink ;)
1. He can jazeer his way out of a parking ticket!

2. She didn't like the idea, but I jazeered her eventually.

3. I need to jazeer my mum to buy me a car.
by KegalleSithy June 01, 2011
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