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fun , loud , smart , funny, crazy , goofy , weird , short , annnnd JAYLEE !
Jaylee is amazing .
by chickadee123 February 05, 2012
Jaylee is the most beautiful person you'll ever meet. She has a bubbly outgoing personality, but she's also rather insecure. Jaylee is loud at times, so when shes quiet, you know somethings wrong. I recommend you don't mess with Jaylee, she may seem kind of gentle, but shes not afraid to break some bones if she has too. If you have a Jaylee in your life, you're a very lucky person. Don't let go of Jaylee. Shes a keeper(;
Person 1: See her over there?

Person 2: Yeah whats her name!? Shes gorgeous!
Person 1: Her names Jaylee, isn't she beautiful?
by Thebae99 September 12, 2014
The name given by fans and fan fiction writers to the romantic 'ship' (relationship) between Jayne Cobb and Kaylee Fry from TV show Firefly and Movie Serenity.
I'm a Jaylee Shipper.
by Wiccy July 22, 2006
Jaylee is Alex's girlfriend who loves alex vacc more than nething in this entire world. Alex n Jaylee 4 eva!
"Look there's Jaylee, Alex's girlfriend!" <lol
i LoVe aLeX :)
by Jaylee December 20, 2004
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