A widened stretch of a narrow road where you can pull over or pass (Appalachian, originally from logging: the place where you'd get the hell out of the way of the logs as they started downhill)
You didn' heard yet? Yer maw done got herself flattened by one a them there outta control coal trucks out Trinity holler. She done plum forgot to pull off over inta that there ... uh ... whachamacallit ... jayhole. Shit. Sorry, man.
by lly February 06, 2010
Top Definition
a definition of a tool who thinks he can boss employees around and make them feel inferior. generally unpleasant. currently holds a PhD(ingleberry) in BS. typically smells. brags about how he's published 1,000,000,000 articles in the "Journal of Anal Oncology." Spits like a mule, wishes he could trade his daughter for a son. Poor locker room etiquette - i.e. hairdryer to the sack...so I've heard. Speaks of himself in the third person tense.
"Oh yeah, we did that already! I have the data. DATA DATA!!!!!"

by big poop764654 July 31, 2009
a combination of the words 'jack ass' and 'ass hole.'
She always referred to her ex-boyfried as a jayhole.
by Richard Bridge March 12, 2004
It is a combination of jackass and asshole combined. My husband was driving down the road and some jackass/asshole cut him off, and he couldn't pick what word to use so he came up with a combo word.
Omygod would you look at that jayhole driving a Hummer with a "Save the rainforest" bumper sticker.
by Janel.N November 06, 2007
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