A extremely beautiful girl who attracts every guy that looks her direction, also young and attractive. She doesn't take crap from anybody; let alone push her around. She is strong and independent and doesn't care what anybody thinks of her. She is good at multiple sports. She has a very nice body, (boobs, booty, stomach, legs, arms, etc.) She loves to party and have a nice time. She is loyal and trustworthy and honest. She is the greatest bestfriend/girlfriend anybody has ever had.
1. She's a Jayden!!!
by cammmie12 July 16, 2010
Jayden is a sweet, funny, cute, kind & random guy at first. He gets girls to chase him till they almost give up then asks them out. Everything is awesome for a week then it goes back to how it was before, him ignoring you.
Girl: I think I like Jayden.

Friend: Don't! He's just going to end up hurting you in the end.
by mysteriousguurrl December 03, 2013
Jayden is a very smart, funny, handsome, and attractive guy. He likes to play sports, and gets all the girls. People said that he's know for having sex. When you see Jayden in public, you instantly fall in love because he's that fucking hot. If you don't have a Jayden then your life must suck.
OMG!! That's Jayden.

I want a Jayden.
by Ball_is_life2 February 21, 2015
The most gorgeous handsome boy you will ever meet. Devious but caring. Incredibly smart, sometimes too smart for his own good
Have you seen Jayden today? Wow!!
by Jayjay1986 June 18, 2015
Fat,lazy, plays a lot of video games and is a sore loser. Makes sure he's always right and is spoiled. And makes his mom do everything for him.
*all he does is play video games?*
*Yeah Jayden is really fat*
by Bruh69 November 29, 2014
Australian - particularly Melbournian - rhyming slang term for esky (cooler, chilly bin etc). Comes from mid 90s child murder victim Jayden Leski.
We hadda six pack of VB stubbies in the Jayden
by sahmuald January 07, 2008
A canadian who likes to play hockey after eating huge amounts of Macdonalds, AKA Golden Arches. Then Pesters others by touching them excessively until they get mad, then he continues. BEWARE JAYDEN!!!
by Austin Stock August 19, 2008

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