A extremely beautiful girl who attracts every guy that looks her direction, also young and attractive. She doesn't take crap from anybody; let alone push her around. She is strong and independent and doesn't care what anybody thinks of her. She is good at multiple sports. She has a very nice body, (boobs, booty, stomach, legs, arms, etc.) She loves to party and have a nice time. She is loyal and trustworthy and honest. She is the greatest bestfriend/girlfriend anybody has ever had.
1. She's a Jayden!!!
by cammmie12 July 16, 2010
Jayden is a very smart, funny, handsome, and attractive guy. He likes to play sports, and gets all the girls. People said that he's know for having sex. When you see Jayden in public, you instantly fall in love because he's that fucking hot. If you don't have a Jayden then your life must suck.
OMG!! That's Jayden.

I want a Jayden.
by Ball_is_life2 February 21, 2015
Jayden is a sweet, funny, cute, kind & random guy at first. He gets girls to chase him till they almost give up then asks them out. Everything is awesome for a week then it goes back to how it was before, him ignoring you.
Girl: I think I like Jayden.

Friend: Don't! He's just going to end up hurting you in the end.
by mysteriousguurrl December 03, 2013
A sexy guy, known for being the sexiest of the sexy. He's really tall and he has messy hair all the time which is hot as fuck. Also has a huge dick. He pulls all the girls but it faithful if you get into a relationship with him
Is that Jayden? I want him!
by yungsimba August 29, 2015
The most gorgeous handsome boy you will ever meet. Devious but caring. Incredibly smart, sometimes too smart for his own good
Have you seen Jayden today? Wow!!
by Jayjay1986 June 18, 2015
a person who is attractive and very kind can also be very rude at times and very fake, also a player.
person1: omg that guy is one "jayden"
person2:i would date him if he wasn't such a player
by freakbitchhoesara January 14, 2016
Is a hot and sexy guy and has a enormous package. He can break your heart when your around him and you dont even know why. He drives you crazy and you cant stop thinking about him. But dont trust him he will hurt you and he will tell all of you secrets! He is not cool and tries to be someone he isnt. You can try to be friends with him or have him as a boyfriend but hopefully he doesn't break your heart or hurt you!
Girl: theres this guy that im datin and i cant stop thinking about him even though hes so annoying

Girl2:omg thats jayden get away from him he'll just hurt you
by Unknown 888 May 29, 2016
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