A extremely beautiful girl who attracts every guy that looks her direction, also young and attractive. She doesn't take crap from anybody; let alone push her around. She is strong and independent and doesn't care what anybody thinks of her. She is good at multiple sports. She has a very nice body, (boobs, booty, stomach, legs, arms, etc.) She loves to party and have a nice time. She is loyal and trustworthy and honest. She is the greatest bestfriend/girlfriend anybody has ever had.
1. She's a Jayden!!!
by cammmie12 July 16, 2010
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Awesome person, refered to as "Teh Sex"
Usually a young and attractive person.
Person A: Omgsh! that's Jayden!
Person B: you mean teh sex?
by Sppasmo September 19, 2008
Person with lots of different qualities. Harder to figure out, and sometimes gives off a bad vibe. But a great listener, and one of the best people you can become friends with.
Dude, my friend's just like a Jayden!
by xoJessssssie April 03, 2010
Is a very attractive young man. He's a jokester but can get out of hand sometimes. He is addicted to video games and has a channel with giveaways and other shiznizz like that. Sometimes people say he walks like a dinosaur and looks like a rodent, but when you look at him whole hes fucking hot. There's always something you like about him, but you don't know what.
"He is such a Jayden!"
"You know Jayden? BACK OFF HE'S MINE I CALLED IT."
by medurr July 05, 2012
Jayden is a funny, annoying boy who can be a crazy guy. He can be defiant and can be very naughty and swear a lot when he gets way too angry. Sometimes he can get over-crazy and makes up all these funny names for his friends.
He went nuts.... he went "Jayden".
by Captain Fishface June 25, 2012
Is really hot and never backs down from a fight usually pulls all the chicks and has lots of great friends if your not friends with him you have no friends because he is the lord of all friends
Omg it's Jayden he is the lord of all friends
by Phil101 September 02, 2012
A stunning boy/ or girl who has a beautiful soul and isn't afraid to show their true colors of who they are. Very sexy at whatever they do, and has a passion for music.
dude look, its a jayden!!
by kk2124 September 06, 2010
jayden a nice person who likes to joke and goof around
hot girl:yes
jayden: how are u doing
hot girl: good thx u jaden
(in hot girls mine damn hes hot)
by not tellling April 03, 2013

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