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Jaycube/Jaycubed/Jaycubing: def 1: laxed mod who plays with his itty bitty weenie while watching those Hawai‘i Rainbows play football
def 2: getting angry when one misspells one's native land
def 3:prone to coconut, koi or pineapple attacks
def 4: addicted to earning high marks in math
Jaycube: He is certainly a Jaycube.
Jaycubing/Jaycubed: He is so angry, he's Jaycubing him right now.
You misspelled Hawai‘i, now he'll Jaycube your a**.
He wants to take his SATs since he's been Jaycubed for as long as I can remember.
by JVGR July 04, 2004
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