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The word "Jaya" is the hindi word for "victory". Its also the name of a GOD.
Damn, I have the coolest name. I'm the real Jaya.
by Jaya March 24, 2005
171 47
The girl's name Jaya \ja-ya\ is pronounced JAY-ah. It is of Hindi origin, and its meaning is "victorious".

Mythology: a Buddhist female deity and one of the names of the wife of Shiva.
when we were playing volleyball, i was jaya!

she looked at me with a jaya look, as she accecpted her 1st place ribbon.

lets all strive to be jaya today, in everything we try to accomplish.
by Jaya martin August 26, 2009
71 34
Jaya is a lovely girl, she never hurts people, she flirts alot, shes the most beautiful girl in the world, has fantastic tits, nice pussy to, stunning hair and eyes. i love jaya.
jaya theres to many, shes beautiful.
by jellzaben July 20, 2011
72 40
ME! I am Jaya.
I am Jaya.
by Jaya March 23, 2004
93 62
someone who is normally into mixed race boys, merbs or caramel complexion and the occasional spanish. they flirt when they are bored. they thrust when nobodys around - they tend to be horny alot. loveable. funny at times. a best friend. bad taste in lads. (:
shes a Jaya she is
by shannonvanessa December 28, 2009
47 31
Jaya is a unisex name pronounced \ja-yah\ a Hindi word and its meaning is "victory" also "success" also a Buddhist female deity and one of the names of the wife of Shiva.

People named Jaya are usually weird and fairly attractive.Open minded and likes reading,swimming and using the computer on his/her spare time.Very talented and Intelligent.
Can be stupid but the silliness makes big sense somehow.
Clever and funny and amazing.
She's Jaya and she rocks my world.

My boyfriend Jaya is such a big dork and I love him.
by apersonwholovesjaya November 26, 2012
21 13
Verb: to jaya.

When you completely steal someone elses glory.
X: Whats that gay guy called from glee?

Y: Kirk

Z: It's Kirk.

X: Z, you just completely jayaed that from Y. You cunt.
by Joe D x February 01, 2011
16 13