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A best friend is the one person in the world you know will always be there for you. They don't care about your flaws and take you for who you are. They are the ones who you cannot live without; the thought of losing them makes you want to cry. A best friend is your other half; they complete you in every way possible. A best friend is someone you could never live your life without, even if you tried. A best friend will never talk bad about you behind your back. A best friend is who brighten ups your day, and makes you smile -- when you think there is NO possible way you would be able to. A best friend knows you better than you know yourself. A best friend can tell if you're sad, by your facial expressions, or even the way you type. A best friend is someone you never run out of words to say with. A best friend loves you unconditionally. A best friend is not temporary. Nothing AT ALL can separate best friends. Best friends is not a label; but it's a promise.
Jaymie + Laneyy = Best friends. (:

Jaymie and Delaney are rappers called JayDeeSwizzle.
We are the best friends.

I love my Mahan'
by ILoveYouBestFriend(: January 25, 2011
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